A1 Nursing Solutions Can Meet Your Medical Training and Certification Needs Because We Know Your Needs

Working with an experienced nursing consultant for your training and certification needs means you will always receive the latest and greatest in techniques and practices. 

Patty started her medical education in 1991 with an associate’s degree in physical therapy. Now, she’s moved into the arena of education, with a Master’s in Science Nursing as a Clinical Nurse Educator. 


She’s worked for years in the medical industry, living the changes and developments in medical operations and technology. Patty also has extensive oversight experience from her work for the state of Maryland conducting investigations into violations of the Nursing Practice Act and Code of Maryland state regulations. 


Essentially, she’s the expert so you don’t have to be.

Patty’s experience as an entrepreneur means she empathizes with small business owners who have the pressure of running a successful business and excelling at that business. Working with Patty means there’s one less thing you need to do to work on your business, so you can go back to working in your business. 


In her free time, Patty enjoys spending time volunteering with Veterans and seniors, dancing, traveling, and participating in 5k races.